Carla E. Lucente

Honorary President Former Honorary Consul of Italy in Pittsburgh Consular Corrispondent Professor, MLL and Associate Director, CIR at Duquesne University

Charles A. De Monaco

President Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

Pasquale Borreggine

Vice President Petrochemical and Plastics sectors, Italy Former General Manager of Mechanical Contractors

Angela Mascia

General Manager, West Virginia Development Office, Europe

Alessandro Nepi

Attorney at law in Florence-Italy and New York-USA

Matteo Gruelle

Founder and President, Cavallino Capital Holdings LLC

Max Ambrosi

Chief Commercial and Financial Officer, Pietro Fiorentini USA Inc –W.V.

Philip Rinaldi

Retired Chairman & CEO, Philadelphia Energy Solutions LLC Founder

Riccardo Fuochi

President of International Propeller Clubs of Milan Italy- President of Omlog International Sarl

Robert Santillo

Retired President and CEO, Monaro LLC and McCarl’s Inc.

Venanzio Arquilla

Chairman and Managing Director, Claro Healthcare LLC

Vincenzo Gatto

General Vice Director, Confindustria Brindisi, Italy


Nate Harsch

Vice President, Westinghouse Electric Company

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