Address: Fisher Hall, 728, 711 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15282

 Address: Fisher Hall, 728, 711 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15282



A State with unparalleled opportunities

Population: 12,7 milions
PIL: 555,3 billion of dollars
Workforce: 6,47 milions
Main towns: Filadelfia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown
Economy: 18th world economy (World Bank data)

Strategic position

Pennsylvania is located at a distance of 800 km from 40% of the US population and purchasing power, including 6 of the 10 largest markets in the United States and 60% of the Canadian population.

This area is home to 40% of all US manufacturers and 41% of the national service and trade industries.

Reaching these customers is easy and easy thanks to the branched transport network of Pennsylvania, which boasts:

• an extraordinary network of interstate roads;
• modern railways for the transport of goods;
• 6 international airports;
• 3 main ports with access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

World-class workforce

Companies in the state know that, thanks to the high level of education, they have access to one of the best labor forces in the United States.

The State hosts:
• 8 of the best 50 humanities universities;
• 3 of the major Business Schools
• 15 of the best pharmacy faculties
• 2 of the first 50 forensic schools
• Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania
One of the most important national and international schools of economics
• Carnegie Mellon University
One of the most recognized computer engineering schools in the country. Also: Drexel University, Penn University, University of Pittsburgh, Penn College of Technology.
• Personalized work training programs
Numerous programs designed specifically, with support and research for companies that choose to settle within the state.

A diversified global economy

Main sectors:

Manufacturing, supported by the energy sector
Agrifood, logistics, medical-biotech sector

- Main clusters:
Pharmaceutical, life sciences, mechanics and nanotechnologies, agri-food, biochemistry, agriculture, high tech.

- Growing high-tech sector, supported by the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority, BFTDA (created in 2001, provides crucial start-up capital, technology commercialization services and entrepreneurial support to ensure companies build in Pennsylvania)

• 2nd largest energy field in the world thanks to shale gas
• since 2011, Pennsylvania has become an exporter of natural gas (producer and new methods of exploitation)

Pennsylvania hosts almost foreign companies, that employ more than 250,000 employees, including 100 Italian companies with over 3,000 employees:
Ansaldo Sts, Augusta Westland, Carel USA, Citterio, Manuli Inc., Autogrill Group, ENI USA, Guna Spa, Finmeccanica, Marcegaglia, Fiat/New Holland, Reggiana Riduttori.

• Classified as a third state for company growth (source: Site Selection Magazine)
• Better State for use in pharmaceutical companies
• Better State for use in electronics companies
• Over 3 billion dollars invested annually by the state in development and research (Pittsburgh)
• Main center for additive manufacturing - 3D printing for the formation of complex metal components and advanced materials


Pennsylvania is today a global brand in the agricultural sector.

The agri-food industry produced over $ 32 billion worth of products in 2011, ranking among the country's fastest growing sectors.

The export activity is increasing. With more than $ 1.8 billion worth of export of agricultural products, agri-food production ranks as the fifth fastest growing export sector in the state, up more than 70% between 2008 and 2013.

70,000 employees in the agri-food industry.

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has long been the foundation of the Pennsylvania economy, a condition maintained over the years through a dynamic evolution to meet modern needs and through the use of innovative methods.

The Research for Advanced Manufacturing in Pennsylvania Program (RAMP) is funded by the Department of Community and Economic Development, designed to develop support capabilities for companies in Pennsylvania and to stimulate creativity and innovation

- 77 billion dollars of economic impact
- Eighth largest manufacturing production in the country
- 14,542 industrial plants

Focus Biotech

Pennsylvania hosts more than 2,000 companies that perform innovative research in the fields:

- Life sciences: Pennsylvania is in third place in the US for employment and labor force in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
- Engineering of medical devices