Address: Fisher Hall, 728, 711 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15282

 Address: Fisher Hall, 728, 711 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15282


About Us

The Italy-America Center of Commerce of Pennsylvania and West Virginia is a non profit corporation that promotes commercial relations between Italy and the United States and the development of Italian business activities in the USA and viceversa.

The Chamber is a voluntary association with the objective of contributing to the development of business relations with Italy.
The Chamber is formed as a not-for-profit organization, pursuant to the laws of the United States and the State of Pennsylvania and with reference to Italian law 1 July 1970, N. 518.

General Objectives

The Chamber’s primary purpose is to conduct activities promoting commercial exchange with Italy and assisting businesses, as well as facilitating the development of economic relations and collaboration among the businesses of the various countries.

The Chamber shall develop contacts and cooperation with the government institutions of the United States, Italy and other countries, including the Chamber of Commerce networks, industry associations, export consortia and all other similar relevant entities, both public and private, including through the implementation of shared projects and initiatives. The Chamber shall promote the dissemination of information about the economy, suitable to promoting cooperation among companies and developing business opportunities.

Specific Objectives

The Chamber has the following objectives:

• Develop contacts with business and financial organizations, entities, associations, operators, and environments in both Italy and the United States, in order to facilitate business and commercial relations.
• Develop communication, information and learning activities through the use of magazines, bulletins, business newsletters, contacts, catalogues, collections, specialized databases, conventions, seminars, advertising in various media, Internet web sites, etc..
• Create a welcome and first assistance center for Italian operators traveling to the United States and to American operators for activities in Italy.
• Provide assistance and consulting services to companies in order to promote the development of business and commercial activities.
• Endeavor to inform and implement transnational opportunities for cooperation among companies, as well as investments abroad for Italian companies and in Italy for foreign companies.
• Conduct professional training and career courses with a view to disseminating a business culture, including but not limited to organizing Italian language courses.
• Supply specific assistance to groups traveling on business.